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IRS Levies

Levies can be very damaging to your financial life. A levy is the IRS's way of quickly gaining your attention. Levies most commonly occur when IRS has tried to communicate with you but they have received no response. Levies are used to obtain control of your wages and other assets which you may own. Levies can cover assets such as checking accounts, autos, stocks, bonds, boats, paychecks, and even Social Security checks!

IRS can levy your bank accounts, in which case they remove funds from your accounts to cover your tax liabilities or alleged tax liabilities. The IRS will take the entire balance of your account. If this amount does not cover what is owed, they will continue to raid your accounts until you cover your tax liability. They know that levying your bank account will cause checks to bounce, alerting many people that you have tax problems. If this occurs, funds are generally held by your bank for twenty-one days before they are remitted to the IRS. Please contact us if this happens because we can frequently have the levy reversed if we have enough time left in the twenty-one day time period.

An even worse method of tax collection is a wage levy (or garnishment). This results in a portion of your pay check going to the IRS. You are allowed to keep only a small amount of your payroll until the debt is paid.

If that doesn't accomplish what the IRS wants, they will pull go as far as seizing your assets, and selling them at auction. That includes everything you own; home, cars, boats, jewelry, motorcycles, insurance polices, retirement funds, anything of value.

We are often able to get those levies released and help you get out of this terrible situation. Our goal is to assist you in meeting your obligations with the IRS in an affordable manner, allowing you to get your financial life back on track.