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Brian J. Hildebrant, CPA, P.C.
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Back Taxes Owed

If tax returns have been filed but you aren’t able to pay what you owe, you may think that you will pay your taxes with next year’s refund. Before you know it you find yourself several years in arrears and receiving a notice from the IRS, stating that you owe three or four times the original amount.

It is amazing how quickly tax penalties and interest add up. In such a case, you must either write the check to pay the full amount, including interest and penalties; or you can just keep ignoring the IRS letters while the penalties and interest keep accumulating. Eventually, the IRS will take stronger actions to collect what is owed to them. Let us, the professionals at Brian J. Hildebrant, CPA, P.C., assist you with your delinquency and work out a payment plan with the IRS. That’s our job and we are happy to help out!